Updated 4/23/18

1. Sean Rosa 

2. Zach Jones

3. Ted Pettingell

4. AJ O'Connell

5. Katie Baker

6. Bill McMorrow

7. Gloria Rose

8. Ben Quick

9. Maylin Pavletic

10. Chloe Cunha

11. Sarah Morgan

12. Sean Clarke

13. Kevin Harrington

14. Liam McGurk

15. Kyle Mangan

16. Jeremiah Broderick

17. Lorelai Lyons

18. Veronica Forker

19. Rick Canavan

20. Owen Linders/Nick Ortolani

The Rules
  • You must be booked ahead of time in order to participate in the debate.  We encourage new debaters to get involved so if this sounds like fun to you send us a note at info@pickasidestupid.com or join in our Facebook group to let us know you’d like to participate.

  • Two debaters will take the stage, the person that won the previous week gets to decide whether they go first or second.

  • The debater that goes first gets to decide which side of the question they will be defending.  The second debater has to argue the other side no matter what.

  • Each debater gets one minute in the first round and 30 seconds in the second round to make their case.

  • After each debate the host will choose a winner.

  • The winner stays on-stage until they lose a debate, meaning the later you go on the better your chances of winning for the night.

  • Don’t worry if you don’t win the entire show that night, you will still be acquiring points that will help you win in the future.  

  • Below you can read the scoring system.  All of our previous champions took multiple shows to get to the finish line.  Each week that you gain points you also gain a later spot on a future show.


20 points: Debate Champion. Whoever wins the final debate of the night.

5 points: Win a debate that makes it onto the podcast.

4 points: Write the question that is heard at the beginning of the podcast.

2 points:

  • Win a debate that does not make it onto the podcast.

  • Participate in a debate that makes it onto the podcast.

  • Write a question that is used on the podcast.

  • Win the Caption Contest.

  • Best dressed for the theme of the night. 

  • Most creative plug of the show. Post pic in this group. 

1 point:

  • Participate in a debate that is not heard on the podcast.

  • Write a question that is used on the show but not the podcast.

  • Share the podcast on social media (Tag Pick a Side Stupid so we know you shared it.)